Ready for more? You should BE!

We’ve been working hard over the last months to bring leaders in Media, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Technology into the same room on March 12 and 13 … and have you seen the updated BE schedule? It’s filling up with a variety of discussions from female leaders in entertainment, science, politics, media and business on how they are pushing boundaries, creating innovations, breaking the mold and changing the game. Check it out.

Sunday is all about preparing, greeting, opening, and connecting.

We will open with opportunities to get registered, get settled, get started and get connected for those who are staying over. This evening will be all about preparation and connection. It will begin with check-in and cocktails followed by networking opportunities and a nightcap.

Monday is all about rising, inspiring, learning, connecting, building, empowering and celebrating.

We will open with breakfast, followed by Morning Keynote sessions that will focus on inspiring women who are changing the game. The morning session will be followed by a short break and the first set of mentorship sessions and three breakout mastermind sessions.

The mentorship sessions will be attended by for VIP ticket holders in one-to-four mentorship sessions. The mastermind sessions for General Admission ticket holders will be on interview and negotiating skills; promoting diversity and progress; and managing finances.A Networking Lunch will allow individuals to sit at labeled tables for like minds for casual, topical discussion and networking.

The afternoon will begin with the second set of mentorship sessions for General Admission ticket holders in one-to-eight mentorship sessions and VIP ticket holders attending one of three breakout mastermind sessions on interview and negotiating skills; promoting diversity and progress; and managing finances. This second mentorship/mastermind breakout will be followed by a networking break in the marketplace.

The final mainstage sessions will focus on building empowerment in entrepreneurship, finances, personal direction and a call to action. These four afternoon discussions will be lead by leaders in business, finance, industry and community.The day will end with a final Keynote Session on celebrating what’s next for women and followed by a final happy hour of cocktails and music.

Want to know more? You can find it here (Link to schedule on the site). We will also be updating this weekly as we get closer to the event.  And we are just getting started. You won’t want to miss this. If you’d like more information on attending, sponsoring or mentoring at BE, you can find all of that at