Power Women,


We want your help!


WrapWomen is passionately building 2019’s BE Mentorship Conference, which is moving to Los Angeles in April. The annual event connects women leaders with the next generation of female change makers. And we are determined to make the next BE even more inspiring, rewarding, productive and plain useful.


But first we need to gather your wants and needs for April’s conference to make it the best it can BE. We’re building the WrapWomen community to work for you, so please help us do that by answering these questions below.





Downtown L.A.Westside L.A.Other

I prefer a weekend day to attend the conferenceI prefer a weekday to attend the conference

I want to BE a mentorI want to BE a menteeI want to sponsor a mentee

Growing Your Brand on SocialCreating Your Career BrandBuilding ConfidenceEntrepreneurshipHow to Raise MoneyPivoting Your SkillsetMedia ExpertiseBusiness IdeasNone of the above