Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian, Singer & Activist

Sarah Ann Masse

Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian, Singer, Activist.

Sarah Ann Masse is a hilarious woman on a mission; not only is she continuing the trend of breaking stereotypes and proving that females are funny but doing so as she sites unhealthy social norms and boxes society places women in.

Making up half of the hit comedy duo We Are Thomasse, Sarah is also the producer behind all of their viral videos and live sketch shows. She is a classically trained actor, has produced, written, and acted for/with Grammy winner Jason Mraz, and is a professional singer who ran a successful theatre company in NYC.  

In addition to the upcoming short “Tristan & Kelly” created by and starring herself (and British actor Toby Sebastian), Sarah is the voice of the audiobook series “The Chronicles of Kerrigan”.  

Sarah is an outspoken voice against the patriarchy and rape culture and is one of the many women to come forward about her experience with Harvey Weinstein.