Candidate for Governor of Texas & Former Dallas County Sheriff

Lupe Valdez

In 2004, Lupe Valdez shook the political establishment in Dallas County, becoming one of the first Democrats elected countywide in many years.  Lupe was ultimately elected to four terms as Sheriff of Dallas County and served from 2005-2017 resigning at the end of the year to run for Governor of Texas. She was the only Latina Sheriff in the United States and one of very few LGBTQ Americans serving in public office. Prior to becoming Sheriff, Lupe served as a captain in the Army National Guard and as a federal agent.

The daughter of migrant farmworkers and the youngest child in a family of ten — Lupe learned the value of a strong work ethic and the opportunity that comes with education. Educate to elevate, are words she has lived by. She put herself through college, sometimes working two jobs to pay for her education. Later, while working as a federal agent, she completed her Master’s.

While Sheriff, Valdez worked diligently to address deep structural problems that had developed over the preceding 20 years.  The county jail was understaffed, overpopulated, and unsanitary.  With her team, she succeeded in tackling many of the challenges that had plagued the Department such as improving the quality of care for mentally ill inmates, changing culture, and striving to ensure any individual touched by the criminal justice system was treated with respect and dignity.