Head of Production, The Ringer

Juliet Litman

Juliet Litman, Head of Production at The Ringer, joined the company in October 2015 as one of Bill Simmons’ first hires. She oversees both day-to-day and long-term production for all Ringer platforms as well as hosts Bachelor Party and is co-host of Jam Session. A big fan of Klay Thompson, Juliet will often pop up on numerous other Ringer podcasts. Prior to joining The Ringer, Juliet worked at Grantland from July 2011-October 2015 as the Special Projects Editor and was also the Managing Editor of The Grantland Quarterly. Before that, she held several positions at McSweeney’s in San Francisco and began her career working with Dave Eggers after graduating from Northwestern University. Juliet is most proud of The Ringer’s video events like NBA Ringerpalooza and Talk the Thrones and the highly-anticipated annual NBA and NFL Draft guides.