Writer, Actor, Producer, Lifestyle Blogger, Child Advocate and Activist

Jessica Barth

Jessica Barth is an actress best known for her breakout leading role in the hilarious Ted movie franchise.  She began her career in the Philadelphia Theatre scene as a young girl which led her to a prestigious apprenticeship at Vassar College in association with New York Stage and Film. It was there that she honed her craft before deciding to head to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television and film.

During her years in LA, she has appeared and starred in numerous plays, commercials, television shows and films.  Jessica graduated with a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing and has enjoyed writing short films, plays, a screenplay and a pilot which she will produce and direct in the Spring.  Jessica also created Champagne and Vinyl (champagneandvinyls.com) a lifestyle blog documenting the trials and tribulations of her life as a wife and mother of three children with complete honesty and biting humor.  Jessica is also working on a book of essays encapsulating her journey from aspiring actress to being one of the first Silence Breakers within the explosive and unprecedented Me Too movement.

Jessica has always been hugely passionate about advocating for young women and has worked for years with foster care youth, teaching female empowerment through art.

Since becoming a part of the Me Too movement, it has become part of Jessica’s advocacy to end the use of NDA’s as a way to buy our silence as well as the changing of laws regarding the statute of limitations regarding sexual assault.


Jessica is thrilled to be a part of the Be conference to further the conversation about the abuse in power and gender inequality not only in the entertainment industry but in industries around the globe.