CEO & Founder, Desk Yogi

Jacqui Burge

Desk Yogi founder Jacqui Burge has been practicing and teaching fitness, nutrition and yoga for
more than two decades. The motivation behind Desk Yogi began with Jacqui’s own realization
that even the way we sit affects our long-term health and wellbeing. Until recently, she had an
executive desk job at, a rapidly growing online learning company, leaving little time
for self-care as corporate demands began to encroach on her health-conscious lifestyle. Jacqui
began researching the effects of sitting for long periods of time and its impact on workplace
productivity. Regardless of previous efforts to make employees comfortable—ergonomic chairs,
workstations and even after-work fitness classes— Jacqui realized more could be done to
intervene and reduce the negative health effects caused by prolonged sitting.

Jacqui created the Ojai-based on-line company Desk Yogi in 2015. Long recognized as an
entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mom and certified raw food chef, she began her incredible
journey as a member of an influential all-female punk rock band, STP. Jacqui also made a name
for herself in the high-octane restaurant business in New York City on the management team of
several marquee food establishments, eventually returning to the west coast to pursue her
health and fitness passion. Jacqui Burge’s mission of offering wellness to everyone that wants it
in the spaces they need it most has become her calling card for contributing to a healthier
lifestyle and reducing our daily stress.