CEO & Founder, Invar Studios

Elizabeth Koshy

Elizabeth Koshy is a serial entrepreneur with a vast range of experience founding different companies
in the media entertainment space. She pioneered the creative outsourcing/co-production animation
industry between Hollywood and India, launched Cause Celebre, the first celebrity/entertainment
consulting company in India, Set up up Jadooworks (india’s largest CGI animation company, and set up
Animation Dimensions, India’s largest flash animation company. Her extensive connections among top
tier Bollywood talent has led her to spearhead countless unique live shows and events. She is currently
the founder and CEO of INVAR studios, an original content company focusing on multi-platform
distribution models, which has most recently produced the LUMIER award-winning VR narrative film
‘Rose Colored’. Elizabeth is proud to challenge the gender bias to be a leader to reckon with in Hollywood.