Chandler Taslitz

Chandler is a comedian, writer, and content creator. She grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and moved to Los Angeles about 3 and a half years ago. Before moving to LA she attended numerous colleges until finally deciding that none of those were an adequate fit. As a result, she moved to LA and establish a career in comedy. She always had a special relationship with comedy; when she moved to LA she finally gave herself permission to immerse herself in it. She started off by taking as many classes as she could at Groundlings and other improv schools. While studying, she knew she wanted to have an outlet where she could test out new material and be held accountable for creating content. She then decided that Instagram was the perfect platform, and started her account (@realtalkwithchan) in March 2016. Three years later she expanded her instagram base to over 70 thousand followers, through publishing character driven comedic videos. Laughter has allowed her to authentically connect to an audience, driving her to tell stories that bring people together.