Alicia Weigel

Alicia Weigel is Director of Strategy and Communications for Deeds Not Words. Prior to joining Wendy Davis’ nonprofit, Alicia held various roles in international marketing at grassroots organizations and for-profit businesses in Brazil, Angola, South Africa, and throughout the US. Alicia managed executive conferences in Latin America, directed Apple’s affiliate marketing programs, and oversaw digital storytelling campaigns for social good clients at Fenton. Having maintained a steady drumbeat of women-centric volunteering throughout, she decided to leverage her skills in bringing social impact goals to scale for women’s empowerment full time. Alicia also serves on the investment committee of Spark, a Bay Area-based donor network that supports women-led organizations globally, and has provided media advocacy consulting for Spark grantees on the ground in Subsaharan Africa. Alicia holds a B.A. from Cornell University, where she studied Development Economics and Latin American Studies.